Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and enhance education in academics and citizenship through enrichment programs, financial contributions, and charitable events.  The MMO is comprised of parents and staff members from Thurgood Marshall Middle School for the betterment of our student's education.  We do this with your help through donations and volunteers.

Board Meetings

The 2018-2019 Marshall MMO Board will meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9am in the Community Room outside the front office on the Marshall campus.  The meetings are generally scheduled for one hour.  We encourage all interested volunteers to please join us at any or all the meeting below:

        September 11th

        October 2nd

        November 6th

        December  4th

        January 8th

        February 5th

        March 5th

        April 2nd

        May 7th

        June 4th

Meeting Minutes

The approved minutes of each MMO Board meeting and the monthly financial report are posted on the MMO bulletin board located on the east wall of the 200 Building next to the ASB bulletin board. A copy of each of these documents and the Marshall MMO By-laws will also be available in the school office, at the front desk. You can also download the minutes by clicking on the links below.


Contact the Marshall Middle School MMO if you who have questions, wish to volunteer, etc...


MMO June2018 (dotx)


MMO May 2018 Minutes (dotx)


MMO October 2017 Minutes (dotx)


MMO September 2017 Minutes (docx)


MMO may 2018 (dotx)


MMO September 2018 Minutes (docx)